söndag 19 februari 2012

Manuel Uribe latest look

Video of Manuel Uribe´s home is his bed.

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Worlds largest man wants to be health coach

2006 touched Manuel Uribe, 43, 600 pounds and was named the world's fattest man. More than two years later, he dropped 240 kilograms. Now he wants to help others lose weight.

325 kg heavy is Manuel Uribe is still far from normal weight, but he is well on its way. And he has become a symbol of the fight against obesity at home, writes Dagens Nyheter.

With the help of a foundation, he wants to help others to lose pounds, just as he did.

Obesity is a growing problem in Mexico. Only in Manuel Uribe's hometown Monterrrey estimated at least 15 people weigh more than 200 pounds.

World record in soda drinking

Classic Mexican dishes like enchiladas and tacos, paired with pizza and burgers that are becoming increasingly common on the dinner tables, is believed to be behind the problem. The Mexicans also have the world record for drinking soda - not less than 152 liters of squeezing in themselves per person per year.

Paradoxically, malnutrition is also a problem in the country. Studies suggest that it may be associated with fetmaepedemin. Some research suggests that those who are malnourished in infancy, as is common in Mexico, are more likely to put on as adults.

Manuel Uribe finally could get out in the fresh air

They needed a forklift to lift him out the door, but then could the world's fattest man to enjoy a day at the beach.

Manuel Uribe managed to get outside the door for the first time in five months.
The sidewalk outside of Uribe's home was full of people who wanted to see 43-year-old lifted out of bed and everything. Manuel Uribe was then lifted onto a truck that drove him to the beach where he enjoyed the sun with his fiancee Claudia Solis, 38.
The truck broke down
It was the second time in five years that Uribe was outdoors since his huge tabernacle has made ​​him a prisoner in her own home. His last attempt to get outdoors was discontinued after the truck that would lift him out broke.
Manuel Uribe, who weighed over half a ton at the most, lose weight now in full before the planned wedding. His goal is to be able to stand alone in saying yes to his fiancee.
He has already managed to get down from 560 kg to 310 thanks to a very strict diet.

Manuel Uribe in Guinness World Record Book

Mexico--Manuel Uribe, who once weighed 1,235 punds, has lost more than 500 pounds, thanks to an international team of doctors led by Dr Barry Sears, creator of the Zone diet. setting a new world record for the most weight lost.
Photo: Manuel Uribe jokes as he holds a fruit cake with his girlfriend Claudia Solis outside his house in the suburb of San Nicolas de los Garza in the northern city of Monterrey.